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Create, Manage and Grow Your Wealth from One Free App
These 3 Modules Do All The Work For You.
  • WealthGenerator Create new wealth with annual investment returns often greater than 30%.
  • WealthManager Financial account aggregation, budgeting, retirement planning, and so much more.
  • WealthMonitor Income, spending, net worth and other personal wealth metrics in real-time.
  • You Choose Your Own Broker
  • Money Stays in Your Account
  • See Every Trade in Real-Time
  • Stop/Cancel Without Penalty
How You Benefit From Self-Controlled Wealth Management
The Freedom and Empowerment that comes from Creating Wealth on Your Own No one cares more about your financial future than you do. And now, with WealthMAX, you possess the freedom and ability to manage your own money and not be dependent on overpaid and underperforming brokers and fund managers.
You See Every Trade as it Occurs and Know Your Account’s Performance in Real-Time The performance of each position, and that of your entire account, is always in your sight. Plus, you’ll have total visibility into your net worth, income sources, home budget, and your evolving retirement horizon every day, week, and month of the year.
No Need for Expensive and Often Misguided Financial Advisers, Money Managers, or Accountants With the WealthGenerator, WealthMonitor, and WealthManager modules of our app, you will possess all of the tools necessary to bypass the so-called “experts” and manage your own finances to build personal wealth efficiently and with confidence.
You Will Always Remain in Full Control of Your Money and Your Investments Since you maintain your own brokerage account, your money never leaves your direct possession or control. You’ll also have complete control over your investments in real-time. There won’t be any waiting around for a quarterly fund statement to arrive to see how your account is performing.
Brings All Aspects of Your Financial Life Into Plain View
This app will empower you with everything necessary to:
  • Create new wealth with automated investments
  • Manage your money efficiently and with purpose
  • Grow your net worth significantly over time
Tools of Wealth: All-In-One App for Creating New Wealth
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WealthALGO® − Automated Investing But With You In Control
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− Connect to your wealth anytime, and from anywhere.
Stay connected to all your financial accounts, wealth management tools, and portfolio performance on your PC, Mac, or any iOS or Android mobile device: iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android Tablet.