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Financial Expertise At Your Fingertips
  • WealthGenerator Create new wealth with annual investment returns often greater than 30%.
  • WealthManager Financial account aggregation, budgeting, retirement planning, and so much more.
  • WealthMonitor Income, spending, net worth and other personal wealth metrics in real-time.
WealthMAX Empowers You and Your Finances
The WealthManager module is available to all users. It contains a variety of analytics and functions for important financial planning concerns such as:
  • Savings Goals
  • Personal/Household Budgeting
  • Debt-Service
  • Debt Reduction Goals
  • Retirement Planning
It also has useful tools and calculators to help you make better, and more informed, financial decisions. With WealthManager, you will instantly become a more attentive and efficient steward of your money.
It take less than 3 minutes per day (15 minutes per week) to execute these systems.
WealthGenerator* contains 3 systems that can suit almost any investment approach. There is a long-term portfolio (LTP) for those who want to achieve market returns or better for the long term. For investors who seek significant outperformance and high returns, there is the active trading portfolio (ATP). And those who prefer to select their own stock positions, but get precise buy and sell timing information, can use our individual stock signal (ISS) system.

*There is a one-time charge for the WealthGenerator Activation Key of $9.
Live Your Life Uninterrupted
All trades are performed while the market is closed.
  • LTP System: Long-Term Portfolio Used for long-term investing with a minimum of $10K in any of the following brokerage accounts:
    • Cash Accounts.
    • Margin Accounts.
    • Tax-advantaged (retirement) Accounts.
    How It Works:
    • 1) Use "Market" orders for each LTP trade signal anytime after the close of the current day’s trading, and before the beginning of the next market day, in a brokerage account dedicated for this system alone.
    • 2) There are up to 4 ETF positions open at a time using this system.
    • 3) When first initiating the system, the user purchases in their brokerage account any of the up to 4 positions that are currently marked as "BUY" (using 25% of total buying power in the account for each).
    • 4) Every day going forward, new LTP signals (if any) to either BUY, HOLD or SELL are displayed in the app within 60 minutes after the market closes.
  • ATP System: Active-Trading Portfolio Due to the built-in leverage calculation for this system, it has been exclusively designed for trading in margin brokerage accounts with a minimum balance of $10K.
    How It Works:
    • 1) Use “Limit” orders in your margin brokerage account (dedicated to this system) for all trades.
    • 2) There are up to 3 open positions (stocks and/or ETFs) at any given time using this system.
    • 3) New signals (if any) to either BUY or SELL are displayed in the app within 60 minutes after the market closes each day.
    • 4) Each signal contains the exact Symbol, Price and number of Shares for that trade.
    • 5) Users have more than 16 hours to enter the trade data into their brokerage account after the market closes that day and prior to the beginning of next market day.
  • ISS System: Individual Stock Signals Can be used for trading with a minimum of $2K (per position traded) in any of the following brokerage accounts:
    • Cash Accounts.
    • Margin Accounts.
    • Tax-advantaged (retirement) Accounts.
    How It Works:
    • 1) Enter any publicly-traded U.S. stock symbol to see the current WealthALGO signals for that stock, or select from the S&P 100 Signal List that is generated each day in the app.
    • 2) Choose the holding period that you prefer to trade (near, intermediate, or long-term) and then follow the WealthALGO signals for that period.
    • 3) Daily signals for each period to either BUY, HOLD or SELL for the next market day are displayed in the app for every position selected.
WealthMonitor is the new center of your financial life. It is a comprehensive digital dashboard that graphically displays all facets of one’s wealth profile and net worth.
Real-Time Monitoring Of Your Net Worth And Your Financial Goals
  • ASSETS - financial account balances, real estate holdings, investments, alternative assets, personal property, etc., are all tracked here for you.
  • DEBTS - mortgages, vehicle loans, credit card debt, student loans, and others. This data is imported into the app via your linked accounts or input by you directly.
This module also has "Gauges" that give you snapshot views of your savings, debt, and retirement plans, and a "Transfer" function that allows you to schedule regular funds transfers from any of your financial accounts directly into the brokerage accounts used for your WealthALGO trading.
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