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App Architecture
  • WealthManager
  • WealthGenerator
  • WealthMonitor
  • LTP System
  • ATP System
  • ISS System
Beat the Market with WealthALGO
Once you activate WealthGenerator, you'll have access to its 3 investment models* that are each run by the WealthALGO System.
  • LTP System: Long-Term Portfolio

    There is no monthly subscription fee for the LTP system. It is designed for long-term investing and is very suitable for IRAs and other self-directed retirement accounts.

  • ATP System: Active-Trading Portfolio

    The ATP system is a premium model that has consistently outperformed the market and is used for intermediate-term investing in margin brokerage accounts only.

  • ISS System: Individual Stock Signals

    The ISS system is a bundled option available to Platinum Plan users. It allows you to see the current WealthALGO investment signals for any publicly traded company in the U.S. stock market.

*Each of these investment models has their own dedicated signal screen which can be used in combination if desired, but always operated from separate brokerage accounts (each system must be run from a seperate account to operate properly).
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  • Gold Plan
    Always FREE
    • All Wealth Mgmt Tools
    • LTP Investment System
  • Platinum Plan
    30-Day Free Trial $47/mo.
    • All Wealth Mgmt Tools
    • LTP Investment System
    • ATP* Investment System
  • Diamond Plan
    30-Day Free Trial $97/mo.
    • All Wealth Mgmt Tools
    • LTP Investment System
    • ATP* Investment System
    • ISS Investment System
Monthly subscription charges always apply. Alpha fees are contingent upon user performance.
*For positive gains that exceed the market’s performance, the ATP System has a monthly Alpha fee, in addition to the subscription charge, equal to 50 bps (0.005) of the user’s average account balance for the previous 30 days ($50 minimum). Alpha fees are never charged unless you are making money and beating the S&P 500.
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