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User Benefits
Home User
The WealthMAX app is free to download, and its wealth management features and tools are also free to use and are accessible through the WealthManager and WealthMonitor modules inside the app. To access the WealthALGO investment systems, users must activate the WealthGenerator module of the app.
  • Use the App from your Desktop or Mobile Device
  • Monitor and Manage All Your Finances for Free
  • Your Money Always in Your Possession and Control
  • Simple Month-to-Month Plans with No Contract
  • Alpha fees apply Only when You Are Making Money
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Much More Than Just Another App
WealthMAX can be accessed through your web browser on your PC or Mac, and can also be downloaded onto any iOS or Android mobile device. Desktop  |  Tablet  |  Phone
  • Manage Your Money Utilize the many financial tools and useful features found in the WealthManager and WealthMonitor modules of the app.
  • Create New Wealth Activate the WealthGenerator module and select an investment plan to take advantage of the high-performance WealthALGO System.
  • Earn Referral Credits Refer users to the app and earn recurring monthly referral credits that can be used to offset your user charges, or be paid to you directly.
WealthReferrals Our referral program allows users to share their Referral Code with friends, family and co-workers who may become WealthMAX users and activate one of our premium investment plans (qualified referral). The referring user receives a recurring $25 per month Credit for each referred user, which is applied to their monthly charges (if any) and the remainder paid directly to the account of their choosing.
There is no limit on the number of referrals:
  • 1 Qualified
    Referral = $25
    per month,
    every month
  • 10 Qualified
    Referrals = $250
    per month,
    every month
  • 50 Qualified
    Referrals = $1,250
    per month,
    every month
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