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The Algorithm for Automated Wealth Creation
30% Annual Returns with WealthALGO-ATP
WealthMAX fills the void for those who have saved money for investment, but do not have the time, understanding or experience with the stock market for consistent investing success. WealthALGO is our proprietary investment system that provides trading expertise to these investors via the WealthGenerator Module of the app.

The following graphs and table illustrate the powerful long-term financial benefits that WealthALGO and its investment guidance delivers to WealthMAX users around the world.
Average Annual Returns
Compounded Returns In Your Account
*Each month’s gains compound with the next, causing the balance in your brokerage account to rise and create a convex equity curve of performance.
Compounding Table
@ 30% return per year
Starting Amount Year 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year 20
$50,000 $65,000 $109,850 $185,647 $689,293 $9,502,482
$100,000 $130,000 $219,700 $371,293 $1,378,585 $19,004,964
$150,000 $195,000 $329,550 $556,940 $2,067,877 $28,507,446
$200,000 $260,000 $439,400 $742,586 $2,757,170 $38,009,928
$250,000 $325,000 $549,250 $928,233 $3,446,462 $47,512,409
*All data in the previous charts and tables are based on gross returns. They do not reflect trading costs, fees, or taxes.
Why You Need WealthALGO - ATP
WealthALGO Shows You Exactly...
  • Which stock
    to Buy.
  • What Price
    to Pay.
  • And When
    to Sell.
  • Sector Rotation Shifting your investment dollars into areas of the market that are currently experiencing the most capital-rich inflows and therefore much higher stock prices.
  • Concentration Limiting your portfolio of stocks/ETFs to only 3 open positions in order to maximize the upside gains from only the very best opportunities found in the market.
  • Leverage Using a margin brokerage account to double your actual buying power for stocks/ETFs, and leverage 2-to-1 the capital available in your account.
Ask yourself... Why follow the conventional investment approach of diversification through broad asset classes?

That strategy can only assure mediocrity. Why not rotate your investment dollars among the various sectors and industries of the stock market as they come in and out of favor? By using this strategy through a single, unified account, you can MAX your investment opportunities and therefore MAX your wealth. "There is always a Bull Market somewhere," and you should participate in each of them in a concentrated and leveraged way.
So, How Does One Do This?

WealthMAX, and our proprietary WealthALGO – ATP investment system which utilizes market securities known as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Large-cap U.S. Stocks for its trades.

In our premium plans, users participate through their own margin brokerage accounts and therefore leverage WealthALGO's Sector Rotation investment strategy with 2-to-1 buying power. Sector Rotation, or large capital flows from one industry group or sector to another, is a natural function of the macro economic cycle and is often a predictor of major investment trends.
WealthALGO selects from only the largest and most liquid stocks and ETFs to capture these trends, and then systematically MAX the investment profits from within them. There are scores of sector and industry ETFs in the market, as well as 100s of stocks, that meet or exceed our specific investment criteria to execute this system.
The detailed trade information for each investment position in our system portfolios is calculated by WealthALGO and sent via the WealthGenerator module to every app user after the market closes each day. This gives them upwards of 16 hours to enter the trade data into their own personal online brokerage accounts (taking less than 3 minutes) for the following day's trading session.
Since there’s no need to react during the live market session, users from anywhere in the world can participate without regard to time-zone or location.
Using a concentrated portfolio and taking advantage of the twin mathematical forces of leverage and compounding, WealthALGO generates performance results that produce average annual investment returns in excess of 30%. And we offer every user the opportunity to experience WealthALGO for FREE during the first 30 days of trading with our premium plans.
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